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Federal Skilled Worker Program – Express Entry

The Federal program called Express Entry opened on January 1st, 2015.  In general terms, this program consists on a three-stage online application system, where the candidate must meet the requirements in order to complete an application and undertake an immigration process to obtain the Canadian permanent residence visa.

Candidates who meet the minimum criteria and qualify to be selected can be added to the pool of candidates (candidates database) and will be ranked according to various factors. According to this system, the highest-ranking candidate will be invited to apply for permanent residence (ITA – Invitation to Apply).

Entry in the database Express Entry program does not guarantee that a candidate will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Candidates invited will still have to meet the eligibility and admissibility under the Immigration Act of Canada (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act).

Similarly, candidates with an ITA (Invitation to Apply) will have 60 days to submit their complete application for examination. The Express Entry encompasses 4 classes of applications: Federal Skilled Worker / Federal Skilled Trade Program / Canadian Experience Class / Provincial Nominee Program.




Each process is divided in 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Preparation of the application

Trabajadores Calificados Profesionistas - Programa Federal (EE)

  • Evaluation of the requirements according to the profile
  • Documentation compilation
  • Studying of the language to reach the required level

Stage 2 – Introduction of the file

  • Creation and presentation of the Express Entry profile before the Canadian government (introduction to the Express Entry Pool)
  • Determination of the profile’s points by the federal government
  • Issuance of invitations to apply by the federal government to the candidates with the optimal profile/score

To allocate the points, the federal government takes in account the following elements: education level, age, work experience, language skills, capacity to adapt to the Canadian society, etc. A candidate’s profile remains in the pool for a maximum duration of one year, after which the candidate has the possibility to create a new profile.

Stage 3 – Evaluation of the application by the federal government

  • Submission of the documentation based on the information provided in the Express Entry profile
  • Presentation of medical examinations
  • Presentation of police certificates

It is estimated that, 6 months after the submission of the documentation, the candidate and his/her family (if applicable) should receive their confirmation of permanent residence documents.

The federal government is extremely strict regarding the format and content of the documentation requested. If there should be any error in the documentation submitted, the application will be rejected and, if desired, the candidate must restart the process from the beginning with no guarantee that he/she will be invited again.

If a candidate makes a mistake considered as “misrepresentation” in the documents and / or forms submitted, he/she may not be able to reapply for a period of five years.  As such, to avoid a possible sanction or prohibition due to an innocent “misrepresentation” on the part of the candidate, it is advisable to have the clear guidance of a lawyer or expert on immigration issues.

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