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Primus Immigration

A prestigious Law Firm specializing in Canadian immigration with headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Our goal and main objective is to represent our clients with ethics, honesty and professionalism to achieve the goal of living in Canada.

Immigration processes for obtaining the Permanent Resident Visa of Canada are governed by laws and regulations, this means that they are much more complex than they seem. For this reason, in addition to many benefits and guarantees, thousands of applicants choose and hire our legal services.

Our clients receive:

abogados de inmigracion


  • Legal representation before the Canadian immigration authorities. We are not consultants, we are a Canadian Immigration Law Firm.
  • Me. Isabel de Oliveira, whose experience has awarded her more than 30 years of successful cases, has the solid knowledge, tools, advise and know-how to help you get to Canada.
  • Detailed information about living in Canada in order to successfully take advantage of the great job opportunities Canada offers.




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Specialized immigration advice

Since many criteria are considered when deciding which program one should apply through, it is important to determine which will likely lead to a successful application. At Primus Immigration, we will match the best possible program to your qualifications to ensure a successful process and we specialize in the following programs about immigration to Canada.

visa de residente permanente

Permanent Residence Visa

According to your qualifications, Primus Immigration will indicate the procedure to follow to ensure successful results.


visa de estudiante

Student Visa

A career in Canada can offer not only high quality education can also provide job opportunities.

visa de trabajo

Work Visa

If you have received a formal job offer in Canada and would like to know the services we can offer at Primus Immigration.

Do not miss the great opportunities that life has to offer you…

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