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visa de residente permanente a canada

When talking about immigration, many people have heard plenty of rumors and information that do not accurately reflect the reality of a delicate and very substantial procedure such as an immigration process. There are numerous misconceptions and one of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “Can I apply by myself?” The simple answer is “Yes, you can”. That said, an individual applying alone should ask themselves these and other questions:

  • 1. Do you know the immigration laws and regulations in Canada?
  • 2. Are you able to interpret immigration laws with the accuracy that is warranted to deposit a "Perfect Application"?
  • 3. Do you have the time and willingness to investigate, analyze and correct all the documentation you will need to prepare for your application?

Anyone who meets these three conditions can pick up an application and fill it by themselves! But if so, how is it that so many professionals and educated people choose to seek the services of professional immigration Primus?

The answer is because of the high success rate in applications for immigration to Canada.

We are not consultants, we are an Immigration Law Firm specializing in immigration to Canada and can offer you:

    • Pre-Evaluation of your profile.

Along with the candidate, our representatives formulate a preliminary evaluation of the profile and characteristics of your possible permanent residence application. This evaluation takes into account the requirements of the program to which the candidate wishes to apply, the profile’s strongest areas and the elements in which there is room for improvement.

    • Identification of solutions.

Having thoroughly analyzed your profile, we can identify the possible solutions to the elements that require more work and/or more time to adjust. For example, the most common elements are work experience or language levels. To solve them, we make suggestions and propose initiatives through which, if the candidate acts upon them, the application could be effectively improved and so advance in a satisfactory manner. As such, even before the process beings, the candidate counts with all of the necessary information to realistically evaluate the success probability of his/her immigration application.

    • Enhance Marginal Cases.

We will be able to identify what type of information and/or documentation can be supplied to the immigration officials and any other relevant information that is most likely to help your file. We can also suggest initiatives that the applicant can undertake during or before the process which are most likely to enhance the request. These recommendations can, and often do, make a difference.

    • Law abiding action.

As members of the Quebec Bar Association (Barreau du Québec) and the Association of Immigration Lawyers of the Province of Quebec (AQAADI), by the Attorney De Oliveira, we act in accordance to the law. Our review of the candidate’s profile and evaluation of solutions is meant to ensure each process’ abidance by the immigration entities’ legal requirements. For us, it is extremely important that your situation and possibilities are clearly exposed in order to avoid any circumstance which may jeopardize the attainment your permanent residence.

    • Apply Under the Right Immigration Program / Class.

Today in Canada, there are several immigration programs. In fact, Canada has a Federal Program of Immigration, the Province of Quebec has its own program and several other provinces have what are called provincial nominee programs. Primus will be able to lead you through the program that best suits your profile, according to your qualifications, needs and intended province within which you wish to settle and begin your new prosperous life.

    • Continuous Advice.

Once your profile and possibilities identified, Primus Immigration opens you file and begins the preparation of your application for permanent residence through the program of your choice. Throughout your process, our team will guide you and provide you with all of the necessary information to meet your profile’s requirements for its evaluation by the respective immigration entities. Primus will provide you with counsel and representation before the government of Canada until the end of the process. Indeed, we accompany our clients in all phases of their chosen program, based on their personal and professional profile, their qualifications, intention to reside in any given province, and requirements for the program and/or province chosen to start the new chapter of their lives.

    • Protect Your Rights.

It is well known that immigration officials have a wide range of discretionary authority in their evaluation. Do not forget that the attorney Isabel De Oliveira leads Primus and that she, along with our experienced and diligent staff, will defend any of our applicants from unfair interpretation, misapplication or breaches of regulations that may affect a final decision – one of the many reasons why you should carefully choose your representation.

    • Assistance in your job search.

We know that you life project does not end with the attainment of the permanent residence. This is why, in addition to offering our advice and support with the preparation of your application, to ensure the right start of your new life chapter, Primus Immigration wants to offer some help with the job searching process in Quebec. Primus Immigration Inc. has achieved a strategic alliance with Ingenia Personnel Inc., a Montreal- based agency specialized in employment placement within the province of Quebec. Among their many services, this agency lends its help to our candidates who are on the verge of settling in Quebec.

Hiring us as your Immigration Law Firm will save you valuable time and energy. Our clients are relieved to know that a competent team of professionals will take care of all your needs on your goal to obtain the Canadian permanent resident visa or citizenship.


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