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About Primus Immigration

We are a Canadian Immigration Law Firm based in Montreal, Canada, whose goal is to fairly and successfully represent their clients in their applications for immigration to Canada in an objective and honest manner, with integrity and professionalism.

Led by Isabel J. De Oliveira, Attorney, Primus Immigration can deliver expert advice and guidance through a sometimes very complicated, demanding and time-consuming immigration process. With over 34 years of experience in Canadian and Quebec Immigration Law, Ms. De Oliveira has built a strong reputation and has become a trademark in her field. Known for her strong fundamentals, Ms. De Oliveira acts with respect and excellence in all her endeavours. She is a member of the Quebec Bar (Barreau du Quebec) and the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association (AQAADI) ensuring a service of excellence abiding by  a sense of morality and the foundations of excellence in every project.

At Primus Immigration, it is an honor and pleasure to provide our help, guidance and support at all times, thus achieving the desired goal together: Living legally in Canada, a beautiful country that opens its doors through various immigration programs allowing you the possibility to change your and your family’s future.

Our commitment to our clients is to always accompany them, from the beginning of the legal process to the end. Likewise, we guarantee that a full team of professionals and collaborators will be guiding and providing all the detailed information necessary to achieve the purpose of coming to Canada and living in Canada.

clases de inmigracion representada

Immigration Classes / Programs we proudly specialize in:

  • Economic Class: Aimed at professionals or skilled workers, immigrant investor program, entrepreneurs and self-employed.
  • Family class: Aimed at permanent residents or Canadian citizens who wish to sponsor a family for permanent residence in Canada. Our services provide the means and support necessary for qualifying candidates wishing to obtain permanent residence in Canada and Canadian citizenship.

We invite you to give us the great opportunity to serve you by offering you our legal counsel in this “Life Project”.

Work ethic

At Primus Immigration, confidentiality is one of our main objectives and therefore all information submitted by our clients is considered privileged material.

Professional relations

Our work ethic has allowed us to maintain a rapport of professionalism and open communication with Canadian Immigration/Quebec Immigration entities around the world, giving us the ability to learn quickly and accurately of changes to the immigration requirements. This knowledge allows us to process applications as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Our professional team

At Primus Immigration we are extremely proud of each of our team members. Our team strives to offer our clients highly professional advice, support and guidance. Our professionalism and dedication have allowed us to maintain an exceptional success rate for our clients in processing their applications for immigration to Canada.

Duties and commitment

We pledge to lend a personalized service and submit in each case a “Perfect Application". Our role is to represent each case in the strongest light possible and to act as a liaison between our client and the immigration authorities, thereby saving time, money and exasperation.

World expansion

We are pleased to do business with customers around the world. As a result, we have established a network of international contacts.


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