Welcome to Canada

March 18, 2013 Primus Immigration

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Immigrating to Canada and becoming a permanent resident is an exciting opportunity. Canada is a vast, beautiful nation with a stable government and prosperous economy. Immigration of Canada welcomes over 250,000 new permanent residents each year from countries all over the world. You can apply for permanent residence if you meet certain eligibility requirements.

Canada immigration services are provided by lawyers, consultants, and other representatives who offer advice and assistance to visa applicants. Some people even opt to have a consultant act on their behalf. The government of Canada does not deal with non-authorized consultants who charge a fee for Canada immigration services, so your application will be returned to you if you have a non-authorized, paid consultant represent you. You also have the option or letting an unpaid consultant represent you. Unpaid consultants may include friends, relatives, or members of a non-governmental organization or religious organization. Just beware that non-authorized consultants are not regulated, so they may not possess the training and knowledge necessary to help you achieve the desired results.