Canadian Immigration News: Is Moving in Getting Easier?

Canadian Immigration News: Is Moving in Getting Easier?

Immigration policies in the United States have become much more restrictive since the 2016 election. This makes America’s northern neighbor Canada a more viable option for potential immigrants.

The latest Canadian immigration news indicates that this country still has a predominantly positive attitude towards immigrants.

Canada’s president Justin Trudeau made immigration reform one of his top campaign issues. He advocates a humanitarian approach, while at the same time emphasizing that immigrants must pursue legal venues to residency.

Here are four suggestions for pursuing legal work and residency in the country of Canada.

1. Skilled Workers Are Needed in Canada

Canadian immigration news reported the country’s annual immigration target for 2017 was 300,000 workers.

Luckily for those seeking to work in Canada, the range of skills needed is varied.

According to some Canadian immigration news sources, people with the following skills are considered desirable in Canada:

  • Retail sales
  • Cooking
  • University level instruction/academia
  • Software engineering
  • Long haul trucking

It’s important to consult with an adviser acquainted with some of the country’s provincial skilled workers programs to see if you are eligible.

2. Canada Wants Entrepreneurs

Each province in Canada has different programs available for entrepreneurs seeking to start a business in this country.

If you plan on opening or purchasing a business in Canada and actively managing it, you may qualify for a business visa. There are minimum required investments for this category of immigration status.

For example, in Quebec, there are a variety of options available for the proprietors of start ups and small businesses, such as:

  • Venture Capital Immigrant Investor Pilot Program
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Business Program
  • Quebec Investor Program
  • Quebec Self-Employed Workers Program

3. Family Members Can Help Each Other Immigrate

Relatives who are legal residents of Canada can help members of their family to immigrate to Canada. They can provide sponsorship which paves the way for legal residency.

The following relationships are recognized as a basis for sponsorship:

  • Spousal: husband or wife
  • Partner: conjugal or common law partners
  • Dependent children, including adoptees

For other family members like grandparents and extended family, it is important to check with W specialists on the exact requirements.

4. Having a Job Offer Helps

In Canada’s point based system, having a job offer from a qualified Canadian employer goes a long way towards establishing your qualifications for immigration.An employer may need to show why you are being offered the job, over a similarly qualified Canadian citizen.

An employer may need to show why you are being offered the job, over a similarly qualified Canadian citizen.

Speaking a foreign language, having specific artistic or mechanical skills, or other special attributes may demonstrate eligibility.

According to Canadian immigration news, live-in caregivers, formerly a special category, must now meet the same requirements as other job seekers to obtain visas and work permits in the country.

Canadian Immigration News Still Upbeat for Prospective Immigrants

Recent changes in Canadian immigration law has given rise to the impression that immigrating here has become more difficult.  The changes and limitations added to the skilled worker program, family sponsorship rules, and investor programs have made the process even more challenging.

However, the generally open attitude of the Canadian government towards workers from other countries still makes the country an appealing option.

If you are considering whether Canada might be the place for you, your business and your family, it’s critical to seek guidance from advisors well-versed in this area of law.

Talk to legal experts about whether you met the requirements necessary to make Canada your new home.